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McDonald's outlets to slash electricity bill with lighting initiative


McDonald’s restaurants in Queensland are preparing for the New Year by taking on an initiative which will help them slash thousands from their electricity bill.

Restaurants at Arana Hills and Brookside have just signed up to have LED (light emitting diode) lighting installed before Christmas, reducing energy costs by as much as 70 percent.

The decision comes after the success of the McDonald’s restaurant at Elanora on the Gold Coast, which has enjoyed LED lighting for the past two months, saving around $7000 a year off their electricity bill.

Lemnis Lighting Australia, the company behind the instalments, said it’s hoping the relationship with the food giant continues and LED lighting is installed in all 849 Australian restaurants.

“I’m thrilled McDonald’s have taken the initiative onboard and am excited to be working with such a reputable and respected business in Australia,” said managing director John Simpson .

“After we install lighting in the two Brisbane restaurants we’re hoping to secure a third just after Christmas, then we will continue expanding into the New Year.”

McDonald’s franchisee Adam Dando, said he thinks it won’t be long until other McDonald’s restaurants across Australia do take on the initiative.

“Not only McDonalds but all businesses in Australia should consider LED lighting. When you’re reducing your carbon footprint and helping keep overheads down, reduction in costs can flow on to your customers, helping make your business more competitive” Dando said.

“The whole process is so simple, the lighting is installed overnight and you’re ready to go by the morning, it’s a no brainer really.”

Commercial lighting can be attributed to up to 25 per cent of a company’s total energy costs and according to Simpson, these figurees could be dramatically reduced if more people implemented the latest LED technology.

“LED lighting enables businesses to reduce carbon emissions and save money by using globes that last up to five times longer than standard light globes with a brightness that often exceeds other bulbs.”

Lemnis Lighting Australia is also offering a leasing option to businesses, allowing owners to switch to energy efficient products without the nasty upfront costs.

Simpson said most businesses would like to install LEDs for long term savings and environmental impacts, but simply cannot afford the upfront capital expense of a fit out.

“The Management Solution has been set up to help businesses get the benefits of LED lighting without the upfront capital costs,” he said.

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