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Entrepreneurs - Work from Home - Portable and Flexible Multiple Award winning Global Company based in the Positive Media, Success Education and Personal Development Industry. What do we do? 1,3 & 5 Day Seminars held in different places around the wor

Award winning Global Company based in the Positive Media, Success Education and Personal Development Industry.

You WILL have the Possibility to travel the world and be surrounded with positive empowering people. The Base of business will be from comfort of your own home using your phone and the internet. We have a real proven formula for success partnered with great business systems and a very successful lucrative income opportunity.

Are you serious about creating a bigger more exciting future for yourself and others?

Are you interested in creating another stream of income?

This is NOT about selling things to your friends and family. You also won’t be doing coffee shop meetings and home parties.

  • Benefits of this business – Time Freedom, very time leveraged 
  • High Return on investment – opportunity of getting your investment back within 3 Sales 
  • Unique and very successful business in the Personal Development industry 
  • Very valuable ongoing training and mentoring – LIVE and including one on one training – all at no cost to you 
  • Part Time or Full Time... the choice is yours 
  • No monthly minimum products to purchase, No stocking of products, No Cold Calling, No Income Cap and no making lists of friends and family 
  • Quick and Easy setup... You have the ability to start producing a lucrative additional stream of income in just a few days 
  • Ongoing training with Social Media (Facebook/Linked In etc.) on how to generate FREE leads for your business 

What do we do? 1,3 & 5 Day Seminars held in different places around the world and our flagship product is a 12 month home Study Goal achievement course. (Personal/Professional Development)

What will you do? You will be continually trained on how to market your business online. You will be spending your time placing adverts, calling back interested people, providing information (through our system) and then following up and collecting their decisions. No HARD sales! No convincing or even explaining of the products (this is all covered in our simple system) You will work from home with your own computer/internet & phone! The Target Market is wide.. and includes the corporate market also.

If you can follow a simple and easy business model, then this is the business for you. Your time spent will include placing simple adverts online, Conduct brief scripted interviews via telephone, invest time into training and mentoring others and of course your own personal development.

With a consistent small amount of time applied daily, your passion and your enthusiasm this a great business for you. The quicker you start, the quicker you can start earning.

What others are saying

Jenny & Warren - WA, Australia
Before our journey started here, my background for the past 10yrs was working in Hotels and I did crazy long hours with no sign of a work/life balance. I originally began this business because my husband and I wanted to start a family and have me be able to stay home with our kids. There was no way we could see this being possible with my current career.

It wasn’t long before my husband started seeing all the success I was having and decide to join me, so we now work our business as a team. We’ve been able to create 5 figure financial results in a week, that would have taken us both months working jobs to earn.

We love the simple business model, the amazing friendships we’ve made and the ability to travel the world together. We love our life!

Paul & Alison - QLD, Australia
We are Paul and Alison. Paul came from a trade background where the only way he believed at the time to get ahead in life was to sell more of his time for money. He worked hard and long for about 20yrs and still didn’t seem to be getting anywhere in regards to our financial situation or improving our lifestyle.

Alison was a self-employed health professional which was high stress with average returns. Being self-employed, always having to search for work to fill her week which she found quite demanding.

Alison was pregnant with our first child and the closer her due date came the more we knew that things would have to change or Paul would rarely see our daughter when she was born.

Paul decided to look for something that would allow us to work from home and leverage our time so we could build a significant future for our family. We looked at a number of different opportunities with most being pretty ordinary.

We came across this opportunity, did our due diligence and decided to get started and that was 22 months ago now.

We have gotten so much more than we could have imagined. Paul’s confidence has dramatically improved. He is infinitely better at making decisions for himself. Alison has become more relaxed and powerful as an individual. We are closer as a couple and get to spend more time with our daughter plus have a very bright financial future having made as much as $24 000 in a single month.

We are now very much on purpose and have some significant goals for ourselves which we expect to achieve in the next 12 months. We now get out of bed full of excitement every day as we continue to build our dreams.

We are so grateful for allowing this business into our life.

Simon - QLD, Australia
I started in this business after looking for a Time, Freedom and better Financial reward in life.. At the time I was running my own Business in the Digital Office Equipment industry for the previous 8 years. I was accustomed to the 6-figure income, flexibility and good benefits, however I devoted 50-60 hours a week for that income. It finally hit me, it didn't matter how many hours I worked as I was not going forward and enjoying life. I made the choice to take control of my life NOW. I resigned from that Sales & Marketing position, I left on my terms and it occurred due to this life changing opportunity.

Now I work for myself and create the life I want for our family. I have time, freedom, choice and a tremendous lucrative opportunity. I live life on purpose, I know what I want, I believe in who I am, this company and the products. Anyone can be successful, it's just a choice, so go ahead and make the decision to educate yourself today...


Loving Life Now

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