Chatime offers an authentic tea experience and is rapidly becoming known as the fresh tea specialist in Australia.

Tea is becoming a trend of beverage consumption due to recent health concerns lifestyle. With 700 locations in 30 cities across the world, and more than 7 years of experience in franchising, CHATIME guarantees that you’re teaming up with one of the largest and experienced beverage franchise companies around.

Chatime tea is brewed fresh in store using the highest quality natural ingredients with no added preservatives. It is against the company’s policy to use pre-made tea or tea powders. We are proud to support Australian farmers, with fresh dairy products delivered to Chatime stores every day. Chatime is committed to delivering consistently high quality tea with outstanding and efficient customer service. We are experiencing exceptional growth at a rate of more than 80% during the past two years despite the global financial crisis and are currently one of Australia’s Fast growing franchises.

To be a successful franchisee, you need to believe in the brand, desire to be an successful owner operator, financially ready.

Steps to Become a Chatime Franchise Owner

STEP 1: Once your enquiry is received, you’ll be contacted by us for an initial chat and then forwarded an info pack, which will allow you to make an initial evaluation.

STEP 2: We will arrange a meeting with you, so that you can ask us questions, and we will assess your application and present available locations for you to choose from.

STEP 3: You can undertake your own research into Chatime the brand and also the location that you are interested in, and decide if you want to proceed.

STEP 4: After you received the letter of offer from Chatime, you may confirm you interest and place a deposit. We will organise disclosure documents, lease agreement, franchise agreement and other relevant documents.

STEP 5: After signing lease and franchise agreement, your next step is to pay the 1st instalment, which includes franchise fee, training fee and design fee.

STEP 6: Then, you will be receiving full-time training for 20 days (4 weeks). Shop fit-out will take place at the same time after you pay the 2nd Instalment which is the total shop fit-out cost.

STEP 7: The last payment is for machinery and promotional materials. Chatime will arrange store cleaning and equipment installation. Posters and Flyers will be printed for marketing promotion.

STEP 8: You Chatime is now ready to open for business!

For your investment in a Chatime franchise, you will receive:

  • Fully fitted out and equipped by Chatime, ready to start operations;
  • Full training in every aspect of running a Chatime and retail business;
  • Assistance with staffing as Chatime will help in selecting and training your key person
  • Business operation systems – your new business will be set up with Chatime operating systems
  • Chatime name and trademark – your business will trade as Chatime and you will be licensed to use the Chatime name and trade mark

If you share this passion, we’d love to welcome you to the CHATIME franchise network.



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