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Restored Beauty Getaways are the only franchise medical tourism company. We are the leader in medical tourism offering a unique service facilitating the healthcare needs of medical tourists. Packages include, Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tucks, and more. With offices in the UK, Australia and NZ, we welcome you to learn about our strong and extensive network of loyal and profitable offices.

Thailand has excelled in offering superior medical treatment to hundreds of thousands of international tourists for years. Not only is the quality of treatment second to none, so are the levels of care.

Medicine is one of the many areas where Thailand excels.

Once deemed a developing nation, years of professionalism, dedicated research, overseas study and modernisation of the infrastructure has put Thailand on equal footing with the most advanced medical centres in the world. Aside from their expertise and access to the latest technology, Thai nurses, doctors, surgeons and therapists never forget the fundamental element in a complete treatment and swift recovery - namely, a warm and caring human touch.

Why Thailand?

But why fly to Thailand when you have health care on your own doorstep? Long waiting lists, stressed-out nursing staff, overworked doctors, busy hospitals, exorbitant medical bills and recovery time spent stuck in the confines of your own home, all make the prospect of medical treatment none too appealing.

But a trip to Thailand can turn the most daunting and nerveracking hospital procedures into one of the most positive experiences of your life! As an added incentive, you can actually save some serious money by opting for superior health care. It may sound too good to be true, but it's a fact!

Thailand has a long history of holistic healing that is deeply entrenched within its Buddhist beliefs. These ancient remedies and therapies not only cure your body, but will also revive your mind and soul. The combination of modern and traditional, along with a level of care that tops many hospitals in the West, combine to create the most complete health packages available.

Quality and Standards

The strict adherence to international medical standards within the Thai health system has been established through emulation of the systems in the US and Europe. Their enthusiastic workforce has been meticulously trained to the highest levels, with many conducting research and gaining experience at the world's best medical institutes.

Home to Asia's first internationally accredited health facility, Thailand's ultra-new and modern hospitals are less than a decade old and feel more like luxury hotels catering to tourists, than places to treat the infirm.

Popular procedures

Popular procedures for tourists to choose are: breast enlargement, tummy tuck, facelift, liposuction, lasik eye surgery and dental work. Perth based company Restored Beauty Getaways has been sending Australians to Thailand for an array of medical treatments. Sending on average 25-30 patients to Thailand each month. Combined health and holiday aspects of travel and enjoy great savings in time and money. The health and holiday packages offered at Restored Beauty Getaways could include pre-arrangement for your entire trip, all transfers, personal airport pick-up, hotel accommodation, pre-departure surgeon appointment, aftercare, quotation for healthcare treatment, optional sightseeing city/island tours and night entertainment attraction bookings.

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12/05/08 - The Restored Beauty Getaways franchise is the leading and well known medical tourism service center providing reliable cosmetic surgery with professional plastic surgeons.
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12/05/08 - The Resorted Beauty Getaways franchise provides professional experts and skilful treatments including tooth whitening, root canal treatment and many more for the teeth.
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12/05/08 - The Restored Beauty Getaways franchise offers several methods including dermabrasion, to reduce the prominence of scars and improve the skins texture and flexibility.
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12/05/08 - The Restored Beauty Getaways franchise is the leading healthcare medical tourism service agency facilitating patients who require medical and dental procedures.
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06/12/07 - The Restored Beauty Getaways franchise has international private hospitals in its global network and they are among the most accredited and advanced healthcare facilities in the world
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06/12/07 - The Restored Beauty Getaways franchise is a foremost medical tourism agency that facilitates the healthcare requirements for all medical tourism patients looking for overseas dental and medical process
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