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Pro Teeth Whitening is offering a limited number of exciting, affordable, and unique franchise opportunities to motivated individuals.

If you want a business without ongoing franchise fees or royalties, but still want a proven system that is unique and in a growth market regardless of economic conditions, we offer Mobile Cosmetic Teeth Whitening franchises with great income potential and a flexible lifestyle, no special skills required.

This is your opportunity to join a franchise team with a brand name people relate to, with an experienced franchisor providing a turnkey, proven system at a low price with no ongoing royalties, and the opportunity to earn a fantastic income while working the hours you choose.

Research has proven, that of the few recession resistant business markets worldwide, Personal Grooming and Health/Beauty are probably the most resistant to economic downturn. Why? Because people want to feel better about themselves, and brighter smile is one of the ways they do this. As a result, cosmetic teeth whitening is enjoying rapid growth in the Personal Grooming sector.

White teeth provide the appearance of youth, health and attractiveness. Everyone wants to look younger, healthier and more attractive.

Welcome to the exciting new industry of cosmetic teeth whitening, where rapid growth is being experienced worldwide. Until recently, the technology we use was only available to Dentists who charge over $1000 for similar treatments producing similar results. Now this fast, convenient and effective cosmetic teeth bleaching treatment is available, and affordable for everyone in Australia.

Would you like to work everyday with people who are happy to see you, and even happier after you have provided your service? Do you like meeting new people and helping them feel more confident about themselves, while making a great income?

Pro Teeth Whitening is offering a limited number of exciting, affordable, and unique franchise opportunities to motivated individuals. If you want to run your own business without ongoing franchise fees or royalties, but still want a proven system that is unique and in a growth market regardless of economic conditions, you have found a franchise with great income potential and a flexible lifestyle with Pro Teeth Whitening.

For only $5,000 financial outlay, and the realistic potential of significant income, you could own a Mobile Teeth Whitening business as a franchisee of Pro Teeth Whitening. The affordable cosmetic teeth bleaching market has existed for around 18 months, primarily in the United States of America, where demand and growth is booming. We have introduced the market to Australia.

Your potential market is everyone in Australia with teeth. This is not a niche market. Everyone is a potential customer, and Australians follow trends from the USA and worldwide. Even if it is not obvious, everyone is aware of the colour of their teeth, and many do not smile out of embarrassment for the colour and appearance of their teeth.

You do not need any special skills or qualifications to own and operate our franchises. You can choose to work your own hours. You are not risking your future being tied to long term lease agreements or franchise fees required by other franchise offerings. There is no spoilage or carrying expensive stock. We consider our franchisees as business partners.

Our mission is to help Australians build confidence through whiter, brighter smiles. The market potential is huge, and the treatments/services are recurring (not one off). So if you would like to become part of the Pro Teeth Whitening franchise team, read on.

Pro Teeth Whitening Franchise System
The Pro Teeth Whitening Mobile Teeth Whitening franchise system was developed over the past 2 years. First, by the owner (franchisor) working for another Teeth Whitening franchise in the United States and learning their system and mistakes, then by opening several kiosks in Mexico, and now Australia. Through this experience, we have refined the system and taken the best features and practices from these experiences, combined with the franchisor’s 20+ years business experience. We have also observed and analysed industry competitors in Australia, and refined our system to take best advantage of the Australian market.

We have a proven system in a growth industry, which is unique, and best of all, it is very easy to run and makes lots of money.

We currently receive approximately 60% of all income in cash.

Every aspect of our franchisee’s business startup and ongoing operation is professionally documented, making our system not only one of the least expensive to purchase, but the easiest to run, providing you flexibility in your time and desired income.

We do not charge ongoing franchise fees or royalties. Your one time purchase price gives you everything you will need to get your own franchise started, safe in the knowledge you are not alone.

It is possible to perform up to 12 treatments per day at different locations, assuming a 12 hour work day, 30 mins per complete treatment (allowing for setup and payment) and 30 mins travel between client appointments. If this were achieved, profits of $375,000 per annum before tax for an owner operator would be possible, while still having a 4 week vacation each year.

Available Territories
We have divided the capitol cities of Australia into the following limited number of large population territories:

  • Brisbane: 6 territories (1 reserved for the owners of Pro Teeth Whitening)
  • Sydney: 10 territories
  • Melbourne: 8 territories
  • Adelaide: 6 territories
  • Perth: 6 territories
  • Darwin: 4 territories

Later, smaller regional territories will be offered in all states of Australia.

The choice of territories will go to the earliest franchise buyers. Each territory will provide ample target client population to support the franchisee's income goals.

6 Stages to becoming a Pro Teeth Whitening Franchise Partner

Stage 1: Pro Teeth Whitening Franchise Application Form can be downloaded from our website.

This application form needs to be completed by everyone applying for our franchise opportunity.

Stage 2: Initial Discussions

Following receipt of your application, you will be contacted for a personal meeting (or phone if in person is not possible). During this discussion, you will receive an introduction to the Pro Teeth Whitening franchise and the opportunity will be discussed with you in more detail.

Stage 3: Franchisee Kit

Following the first meeting, our Franchise recruitment team will make an assessment of your suitability as a Pro Teeth Whitening franchisee. If you receive approval, you will be issued with a franchise Non Disclosure Agreement. Once signed, you will receive full details of our Franchise offering.

Stage 4: Ongoing Discussions

Following the first discussion, and signing of the Non Disclosure Agreement, you may have more questions about the franchise. These questions will all be answered during our ongoing discussions.

Stage 5: Franchise Agreement

Following our approval, and your commitment to purchase into the Pro Teeth Whitening franchise network, we will liaise with you in preparing your Franchise Agreements.

Stage 6: Training

The Pro Teeth Whitening induction training is an in depth programme taking you and any of your staff through all facets of the business prior to you commencing operations.

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