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Do you dream of a new life, a way to create your own focus on work and family time, the chance to build for the future. Our highly successful cosmetics franchise of complete Body Beauty and Cosmetic Products is about to launch into the Australian Market. It’s Skin is looking for cosmetic franchisees to lead the way in retailing the latest trends to enter Australia.

Now is a great opportunity to become a cosmetic franchisee in one of the most dynamic, exciting and lucrative industries in Australia. Currently 53 It’s Skin stores in Korea, 40 It’s Skin stores in China and more than 100 shop in shop It’s Skin outlets in Japan this cosmetics franchise is proving itself in the toughest markets in Asia and is establishing a new competition of cosmetics franchisees in Australia.

If you believe that you have the right blend of talents, we're sure that you will want to know more about our ideas and plans and we will want to know more about you.

Within the Australian retail environment, the doors are wide open for an exciting new specialty cosmetics retailer to make a quiet but passionate debut. Having already conquered some of the toughest retail markets in the world, It’s Skin is poised to introduce its unique range of body beauty and cosmetic products to a market hungry for such a sophisticated and unique product range.

It’s Skin was developed combining natural extracts and ingredients with the latest skin science and technology to stimulate the skins hidden energy to leave a healthy looking skin. It’s Skin opened its first doors to the public in Song Shin Women’s University, South Korea in June of 2006. It currently has more than 50 stores in South Korea alone, with 40 stores in China and consultation with the move into USA, Japan, Taiwan and Philippines. The product has been developed by Hanbul Cosmetics Ltd who made their debut into the cosmetics industry in 1989 and are affiliated with other top name brands and formulated and tested by “Leaders“ the leading dermatology medical group in South Korea.

Today It’s Skin presents a huge investment opportunity for people wishing to enter an industry with enormous potential. When all other industries slow, the cosmetics industry is always an ever evolving door of new for old products to suit the market demands. With the support and affiliation of It’s Skin with Leaders and Hanbul this will always mean the latest trends, attractive packaging, and high quality product at an affordable price.

This is the opportunity

  • To be your own boss
  • Take control of your financial future
  • Achieve a genuine work / life balance
  • Work in a colorful, aromatic, clean and friendly atmosphere
  • Interact with the community
  • Be rewarded for the effort you put in
  • Work with a huge earning potential with great profit margins
  • Have the opportunity to maximize return on investment
  • And live the life you have been wanting

With the success of our brand in South Korea, Japan and China and the demand for competition in the local market, the ideal opportunity presents itself for the opening of the first Cosmetics beauty franchise store It’s Skin in Australia.

It’s Skin seeks to develop its Australian network through a chain of independently owned franchise stores. The principle of franchising has thrived in Australia since the early 80’s – first in the fast food industry and now in a range of sectors from housing to retail. It’s a business system that offers Franchise owners a high degree of independence and the satisfaction of enjoying the fruits of their own input, while benefiting from the support and security of an established program and approach.
Franchisees do operate their own independent business and are ultimately responsible for the success of their retail store. The Franchisor offers the unique product range, product training, retail concept and ongoing product support. In the long run the passion and drive of the franchisee is what makes the business a real success.

It’s Skin Australia is passionate about the future growth and success of the network, and are keen to share this passion with like minded business people who would be keen to enter into a franchise relationship with the group.

Do you have what it takes?
We are seeking highly motivated men and women to join a family of franchisees. Your selection would be based on a number of considerations as well as personal and financial qualifications. You need to be customer focused, pro-active in getting out and raising It’s Skin profile within your local community, and willing to take full advantage of the winning business system we have worked long and hard to create. The technical knowledge and skills required are readily transferable to any reasonably intelligent individual. More importantly, though, It’s Skin franchisees must have the right interpersonal skills to make a success of their franchise territory.

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